Get Ready to Fly

Don't let the stress of "getting there" ruin your travel with young children. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure everyone has a smooth flight. From what to pack to how to play on the airplane, let these simple suggestions guide the way when traveling with children.

Below are links to visit "traveling with children" tip pages provided by the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration.

FAA travel tips

TSA travel tips

Packing to Check-in

3-1-1: It's simple and will help you flow through security stress-free. Just remember, 3 ounces or less for liquids, 1-quart size, see-through bag for easy content checks and 1 bag per traveler placed in the check-in security bin. This ensures all items are screened and released quickly, and you're on your way.

For young travelers, wear slip-on or Velcro-closure shoes with socks to make security checks stress free.

Extra Clothes and Snacks

Little accidents can happen so keep an extra outfit in your carry-on and have plenty of healthy snacks for the flight. If your child is old enough for a lollipop, bring one to help with ears as the plane descends. "Pressure Pops" are the perfect reward for a well-behaved traveler.

Games, books, toys and stuffed animals

Make sure they are easy to pack and bring them out one at a time so there is always something new when needed. Look for travel games that are easy to carry. Remember the iPod or DVD player. Click here for a free, downloadable coloring book!

Let Your Child Guide the Way

With a little pre-planning, you can prompt young travelers for what's next and let them guide the way through check-in, security and boarding.

Remember It's an Adventure

Let your child's imagination fly, look out the window and find shapes in the clouds, guess the names of the flight attendants or pilots and talk or write about where you will go and what you will see.