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BGR Snow Team Recognized

Date of Release: April 25, 2012

Tony Caruso

BGR Snow Team Recognized at AAAE Snow Symposium
April 25, 2012 – Bangor, Maine – For most of us winter is over but for 500 airports at last week’s International Aviation Snow Symposium snow was all the talk. At the annual event held in Buffalo, New York each year, the American Association of Airport Executives awards their Balchen-Post awards for excellence in snow and ice control. Bangor International Airport’s snow team was recognized for its excellence in snow and ice control with an Honorable Mention in the Small Commercial Airports category.
Bangor International Airport’s Interim Director, Tony Caruso commented, “We are always proud of our snow crew but it is particularly rewarding for the snow team and the airport to be recognized by the Balchen-Post award selection committee because it is made up of our peers in the industry who deal with snow and ice control all over the country.” He went on to say that BGR’s snow team had another excellent snow season with no closures and no delays because of snow and ice.
The award selection committee is comprised of industry experts from a variety of organizations including the Air Line Pilots Association, Department of Defense, Regional Airline Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Metro Washington Airlines Committee, National Business Aviation Association, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Air Transport Association. The purpose of this award is two-fold: to promote better snow and ice control, and to recognize those individuals responsible for outstanding performance.
Bangor International’s snow crew removed 41 inches of snow this past winter (the qualifying season for the award ends March 31 so April storms did not count). During the qualifying period for the award, Bangor International’s round-the-clock efforts included 9 storms in excess of two inches and four ice storms. Although the 2011-12 snow season was light in comparison to the previous season, Bangor’s snow crew had no closures thus maintaining BGR’s long standing reputation of always being open.

Bill Lander, BGR’s Airfield Maintenance Manager , “The Snow Symposium is a great learning experience every year with discussions and presentations by large and small operations. We learn what money can buy for equipment and manpower from the bigger airports and what persistence and ingenuity can do from the smaller operations. And of course, it is great to be recognized at the Snow Symposium again this year. We are very proud of the BGR crew and their accomplishments.”

Bangor International Airport is a full-service regional airport offering non-stop, affordable flights to Detroit, New York’s LaGuradia, Orlando/Sanford, Philadelphia, Tampa/St. Pete and Washington DC. The Airport is an enterprise funded entity operated by the City of Bangor and is supported solely through Airport generated revenue.

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