Parking  Shuttle Lot Opening February 14, 2018

Parking at Bangor International Airport is simple, convenient, and very affordable. Our parking areas are just a short walk from both of our spacious terminals and are located directly off Godfrey Boulevard, which is the main thoroughfare to the Bangor International Airport and runs between the Terminal area and parking area.


Get your car serviced while you are gone!

Now you can park your car at the airport and have it serviced by Bangor Tire while you are gone.  It will be done, ready, and waiting upon your return.  Just click here to complete the service request form and for your instructions.

Cell Phone Parking

For your convenience, please use the cell phone parking area on Godfrey Boulevard when picking up passengers and you do not plan to come into the building to meet them.  Just pull to the designated area on Godfrey and wait for a call or text from your arriving passengers.  Drivers must remain with the vehicle at all times.

Courtesy Parking  

For your convenience, Bangor International Airport provides 15 minute free parking in the hourly and daily parking lots. Loading and unloading of passengers and luggage is permitted directly in front of the Domestic Terminal, so long as the automobile remains attended throughout. During High Security times, other precautions may be made.

Hourly Parking Lot (Short Term)

We provide complimentary parking for the first 15 minutes. Hourly parking is available at $1.00 for each half hour (or fraction thereof). The maximum daily charge is $17.00. Just follow the signs for the hourly parking lot off Godfrey Boulevard.

Long Term Lot

We also provide free parking for the first 15 minutes in the Long Term Parking Lot. Daily parking is available for $1.00 for the first half hour and $1.00 for each additional hour (or fraction thereof) thereafter up to $10.00 per day. Just follow the signs for the Long Term parking lot off Godfrey Boulevard.

Shuttle Lot - Only Available at Peak Travel Times 

During peak travel times, BGR may utilize the Shuttle Lot to accommodate overflow parking. When the Shuttle Lot opens, an announcement will be made on our homepage that it is open. For more information click here to go to the brochure or here to see the map. This lot is not available during the spring, summer and fall months at all.

Parking for Persons with Disabilities

Clearly marked parking for persons with disabilities is located in the parking areas. Signage adjacent to the parking spaces will assist you in locating the spaces. Only those with appropriate license plates or temporary permits are permitted to utilize these spaces. Parking regulations governing disability spaces are strictly enforced.

For further information, please call the Parking Office (Republic Parking) at
(207) 941-1654.

For your convenience we accept