Volunteer Enrollment Forms

For further information on becoming a volunteer with the Maine Troop Greeters & Museum organization and the benefits derived from your membership, please read our Benefits of Membership Form . Now that you've decided this is for you, becoming a Maine Troop Greeter is simple!

You must first meet with a Membership Committee person ( in the Troop Greeter room or via e-mail contact) who will explain the documents and protocols important to your successful Troop Greeter adventure.

Once you have decided on your membership category and depth of involvement with the program, you will be asked to complete the provided enrollment form. You will also be counseled on the Greeters Messaging system for flight information. Complete the Membership Directory information section if you would like to be listed in the Membership Directory which is updated and published yearly. This information will ensure that only the information you choose will be published.

We ask that all greeters read the Standards of Conduct before signing and dating the Enrollment Form.

We also provide you with a Badge Request Form which you can complete after becoming a member if you would like to wear a name tag when you greet the troops.

Please stop at the Front Desk in the Troop Greeter room at the Airport and ask for Membership materials. You will be provided with a packet which will be explained to you by a Membership Committee member.

Or you may e-mail the Membership Committee Chair at joebridge_1@yahoo.com