Maine Troop Greeter


A Statement of Our Organizational Ethics

Mission Statement

The mission of the Maine Troop Greeters is to express the Nation's (and our) gratitude and appreciation to the troops, for those going overseas for a safe return and for those returning for a joyful homecoming and to make their (hopefully brief) stay in Bangor as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
As such the Maine Troop Greeters have as their focus a warm welcome for the troops and the opportunity to relax and be comfortable during their brief stay. We hope to assure they receive respect and courtesy through the efforts of the volunteers from our area who are committed to our mission and focus. The volunteers accept the responsibility to be the hosts and hostesses during their stay and focus on the troops comfort and relaxation. These responsibilities cover conduct, discussions, dress, and the physical and personal environment we provide our troop guest and their families.


  • Greeters form reception lines, and greet troops with a hero's welcome as they deplane and enter the terminal building.
  • Shaking of hands is encouraged unless declined by individual troops. Their desires are always respected.
  • Greeter initiated hugging is discouraged and appropriate only if initiated by the troops.
  • Whistling in the corridor has created discomfort for many individuals (esp. those with hearing aids) and must be discouraged.
  • Families of troops, present to welcome home or bid farewell to their troop, will be recognized and honored prior to the deplaning, allowed space at the top of the Troop Greeter line to receive their family/ friend and space afterward to visit. Families of troops will be extended every courtesy and be treated with the same respect offered our troops.


  • The diversity of the military today allows for many nationalities, religious affiliations, gender and international training partners. Each individual will be greeted and welcomed to our city and airport equally.
  • Each troop deals with his/her personal life issues individually. Greeters are there as community representatives to assure the troops' stay is comfortable and pleasant. The troops often want their own space and that is to be allowed.
  • Greeters are expected to leave their personal problems and issues at home and be available to listen to and support the needs of the troops.


  • Each troop will be offered a heartfelt welcome, access to phones, snacks and the camaraderie of the Greeters.
  • All troops will be allowed to express themselves as they see fit and allowed the time and space to relax and prepare for the next leg of their journey.
  • No profanity will be used in the airport and especially within the interactions with the troops. Today's military is a conservative, professional force and we do not want to risk offending any of our troops.
  • Religious and political views are volatile topics in any social arena. They are not allowed in troop discussions at the risk of offending them in this time of relaxation.

Volunteer Conduct

  • Volunteers are the strength of this program and need to represent Bangor, Maine and Bangor International Airport in a professional and friendly manner and to work positively to support the troops as they visit our area.
  • Volunteers should be dressed in a relaxed and casual manner, mindful that conservative traditions need to be respected and adhered to. As such, modest tops and shorts and appropriate t-shirt messages are strongly encouraged .
  • Volunteers will respect the diversity of the various Greeters. Verbal, sexual, physical or emotional harassment of any Greeter or troop will not be tolerated. Courtesy and mentoring are expected to develop the membership and create the warm environment we expect.
  • Volunteers will refrain from discussing Troop Greeter business or issues in the presence of troops and the general public. Regular meetings will be held where any concerns or problems will be discussed and resolved. Agenda items for discussion may be submitted in advance so concerned members can be aware of the agenda.
  • We respect and appreciate the support local suppliers have provided to the Troop Greeters Program and will not attempt to achieve personal benefits from these suppliers.
  • Volunteers are prohibited from soliciting any gifts or favors from the troops. If any gifts are offered, a clear determination must be made if the gift is for the Troop Room or the Greeter personally.
  • The Troop Greeters recognize that this is a civilian organization and any rank obtained during military service does not carry over into the Troop Greeting program.
  • Troop Greeters are expected to treat all Greeters with the same respect and consideration offered our troops and their families. Greeters will refrain from raising their voices, using foul language or denigrating remarks when addressing other Greeters.

Physical Environment

  • The environment we share with our guests is a reflection on our community and the airport. Greeters must ensure the Troop Room is secure, clean, staffed and properly supplied.
  • Gifts provided by the troops need to be recognized, logged, and secured to assure their continued availability to troops in the future.
  • The Troop Greeter Program accepts donations from area merchants and citizens as well as airport passengers. No donations are accepted from troops since this service is dedicated to their comfort.
  • The Troop Greeter Room shall be properly cleaned and litter removed so the environment is welcoming and secure for the visitors we host.
  • Troop Greeters should refrain from congregating in groups when in the Troop Greeter Room during a flight. This may present an intimidating atmosphere for the troops we wish to welcome.

Personal Environment

  • Troop Greeters will be properly dressed and in good personal hygiene when greeting troops. Greeters should be prepared to socialize with our guests.
  • Greeters will have refrained from the use of alcohol or recreational drugs prior to greeting troops.
  • Greeters are discouraged from the use of heavy perfumes or colognes. Due to the many people suffering from asthma and allergies, a scent-free environment in the Troop Greeter room is encouraged.
  • Children are an important part of the greeting program. Troops generally appreciate the family atmosphere children offer. Children must be supervised and accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. Rules of the Greeters apply to the children as well, particularly regarding the solicitation of gifts from our troops.
  • Photographs are a way of memorializing and remembering the visit. Permission should be received before individual pictures are taken and notice regarding any internet posting should be provided.


  • The goal for the Standards of Conduct is to assure Greeters are "Doing the Right Thing" and know what the right things are.
  • A focused orientation program will address these Standards for all new Greeters early in their Troop Greeter career to ensure a consistent awareness of our guidelines for Greeter behavior.
  • Greeters are required to follow the guidelines agreed to between the Maine Troop Greeters Leadership and the Airport Administration.
  • Greeters are expected to report perceived or real violations of these Standards to the Leadership of the Greeters program. If action is not taken, the Greeter should report these violations to the Airport Administration in writing.
  • Greeters will be subject to a disciplinary process for disregarding these Standards. An appeals process will also be available. The fact that the program represents all of us in the program as well as our community needs to be protected.