Family Greetings

Family greetgin

The Maine Troop Greeters organization welcomes the opportunity to help you meet your Troop on his/her arrival at Bangor International Airport. Please gather as much information as possible from your loved one prior to contacting Bangor International Airport or the Military Family Assistance Center. Please note that due to flight diversions and a lack of manifests for Troop flights, the results of their research will be their best "guesstimate".  For your successful reunion, please contact:

Family Liaison Information

Bangor International Airport: 207- 992-4600

Military Family Assistance Center (Supporting all Military Families)
Hotline - available 24/7 : 1-888-365-9287

Greeting Protocol

To make your greeting experience as pleasant as possible, please note that certain protocols have been instituted at all commercial airports to ensure the safety of all passengers, including our troops.

If you would like to provide home-baked treats for your troop, we encourage you to do so, but you are requested to refrain from providing home-baked treats for anyone other than your troop.

No home-baked goods may be distributed in the airport. You may seek permission from your troop's commander to have such goods distributed on their flight, once they have boarded.

No tables are to be set up in the airport terminal for the distribution of baked goods or beverages. Baked goods and candies are provided for the troops in the Troop Greeter room and beverages may be purchased for the troops in the airport cafeteria.

Bangor International Airport provides parking validations for two members of a troop's family when greeting your troop. Signed members of the Maine Troop Greeters may have their parking validated when greeting troops.

If you would like to donate commercially prepared foods or other products for the troops, please check out the lists of preferred donations found on this site. Please click here to see list of approved prepared foods.