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Thank you for thinking of making a donation to the Maine Troop Greeter organization. This is an all-volunteer organization funded through in-kind and monetary donations. All donations are used to provide food, amenities and services for the Troops deploying and returning through Bangor International Airport.

Maine Troop Greeters & Museum is a non-profit corporation with 501-C3 tax-exempt status.
Please consult your independent tax advisor to appropriately determine and verify all charitable deductions.

How to Donateā€¦

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations given to Maine Troop Greeters & Museum are used to pay for snacks, amenities, postage for the Troops and maintaining the Troop Greeter Room at the airport. Approximately 98% of all monetary donations go to host the Troops during their stay in Bangor. The majority of our administrative needs are funded by business partners.

The Maine Troop Greeter organization is in the process of raising funds for the Maine Troop Greeters & Museum Museum, located at Bangor International Airport.  The Museum is being established in honor of our Troops, to preserve and display their donations entrusted to our care and to educate our youth by the sharing of these collections.

You may make a donation to the Maine Troop Greeter Organization fund, the Maine Troop Greeters & Museum fund or both.  Please indicate to which fund(s) your donation should be attributed.

*** Please make sure you mail your check or money to the Bangor address listed below. There is a scam letter out there with an out-of-state address. Thank you!***

Please mail your check or money order to: Maine Troop Greeters & Museum, c/o Cathy Czarnecki, Treasurer, Bangor International Airport, 287 Godfrey Blvd., Box 6, Bangor, ME 04401.
Payable to: Maine Troop Greeters & Museum.

Museum Project

Organizational Mission

Donate Items

If you prefer to give donations such as those listed on our Acceptable Donations, Acceptable Food List or the Acceptable Candy & Snacks List, please contact Allison Hernandez, Operations Chair, at 207-299-7882 or to make arrangements. If you are interested in making a donation of products or services, please submit a Donation Form.

Due to our Policies and Regulations we CANNOT ACCEPT the following:
  • Home-Baked Food
  • Expired Food
  • Hotel Samples
  • Used Stuffed Animals
  • Unwrapped food/candy

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Thanks to all of you who have so generously contributed and supported our mission.

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