Kids travel tips

Ready for your flight? Here's some tips to make it easier and fun!

Bangor Airport KidZone: Travel Tip - Favorite Clothes

Wear your favorite clothes

You might as well be comfortable! Also, wear your slip-ons or Velcro tie shoes. They'll go off and on easier.

Bangor Airport KidZone: Travel Tip - Bring Snacks

Bring some snacks

Hey it might be a long flight. Why go hungry?

Bangor Airport KidZone: Travel Tip - Games and Books

Remember games and books

Seeing the shapes in the clouds out the window can be fun, but after awhile, you'll want something to do. Click here for a free, downloadable coloring book!

Bangor Airport KidZone: Travel Tip - Bring your iPod

Don't forget music and video games

Bring your iPod, DVD player or handheld game if you have one. It can make any flight much more enjoyable.

Bangor Airport KidZone: Travel Tip - Stick with your parent

Stick with your parent or guardian

Airports can be a busy place. Stay close and do what they say.


Looking for some tips of your own? Click here for great advice on how to travel with children.

Below are links to visit "traveling with children" tip pages provided by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Transportation Security Administration.

FAA travel tips

TSA travel tips

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