Take Monty with you, and tell the world!Bangor Airport : Flat Monty

It's easy to take Monty anywhere. Simply print him out, color him, and take him along.

But that's just half the fun.

On your travels, keep a log of where Monty goes and what he does and sees. Introduce him to the people you meet. But most importantly take his picture and write it all down. Once you do, be sure to email it to his home here at the Bangor International Airport so we know where he is and what he's done! Better yet, for a fun project at school, tell your teacher and have your class all share their stories of Monty's travels.

Download your Flat Monty here!

Teachers: Monty can make a great educational tool for you to use as a journaling project, or simply to aid students' writing and thinking skills. For more ways to learn of how Monty or the airport help you in the classroom, contact us here.