Letters from our Troops, families and friends: January - June, 2011

June 29, 2011

Thanks for all the wonderful things and support that we received when we landed.

June 28, 2011

This was my first visit to your wonderful airport and I was so impressed at the greetings our troops received there. God bless our troops but also God bless the supporters that make our veterans feel appreciated. Keep up the wonderful work you do.


June 16, 2011

Hello, You do not know me, and we will probably never get to meet. However: I am certain that you have met my son, Specialist Michael M., probably several times. I want to thank you for being there to greet him (and al the rest of the troops) as he was coming and going through the Bangor Airport, on his way to and from Afghanistan with the 10th Mountain Div. And again, on his way to and from Iraq with the 4th I.D, attached to the 10th Mountain. I remember receiving a phone call from him and being so happy he called, even if it woke me up. I don't remember how many "balmy" degrees he said it was in Maine that morning, but coming home from Iraq the guys really loved feeling cool and seeing snow. I wish to thank each and every person who is there greeting our servicemen and women home. Please extend my thanks to them for me. I am so thankful that he arrived here with such warm a greeting as you give all of them. I was not sure the date he would be coming in, and even if I knew, Maine is a long way from Oklahoma. Oh, and please extend my thanks to all the veterans among you as well. I thank them warmly for their service also.
A soldier's Mom, back on the farm, in Oklahoma.

You guys are great! Thank you for meeting my son and welcoming him to Maine and thank you for wishing him a safe trip. wish I could be there to help you.

June 14, 2011

"Hey mom, I'm back! I'm in maine..." Dear maine troop greeters, I've been waiting a long time to hear these words, that voice, and to see this smiling face and the sparkle in those brown eyes... thank you for a dream come true!!!

As the Mother of one of these soldier's, I can't tell you how much I appreciate ya'll being there...To Thank them, Encourage them, and possibly even offer comfort to some of them. I know they are all grown...but they are still our babies, our Pride & Joy, and they still get scared just like the rest of us. Thank you for being there showing your support for our Troops. May God Bless each and Everyone of you!!

June 12, 2011

I just want to say thank you so much for the warm welcome you gave all our troops and have been giving them day in and out.
I am an Army Wife to a Cav solider who recently had the privilege of coming to the airport where y'all are located. To hear my husband tell me that on the dreaded day, where we said goodbye for the next year, that he was able to smile at the love and support he received from strangers just warmed my heart. The dedication put together by your team is amazing, stateside we all appreciate your website with the pictures of our men and women. Each and everyone of of you are true blessings. Again thank you all and God bless you!
Sincerely, Kendsie N., Fort Hood, Texas

June 11, 2011

My son left for Afghanistan Monday night and had a layover in Maine, at which time he was greeted by your group. I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know that what you do is very much appreciated. My 4 year old grandbaby sat and looked at the pictures Tuesday night and he was so excited to see his Dad. Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy lives to meet our troops.
Chery H.

Many thanks to you all for your dedication and for doing such an excellent job. God bless our troops! God bless America!

June 10, 2011

Hi, I just want to thank you so much for what you do, my husband called me from Maine in his way to afghanistan and he was so happy to see all what you guys were doing for them. THANK YOU!!! that means alot for them and for us their family.

June 7, 2011

Thank you so much for being there and supporting my son and the other troops. Keep doing what you are doing because it means alot to the men, women in the military and to their families. Thank you again!

God Bless you for being so kind and Greeting and supporting our young men! :)

I just had my husband deploy, and he stopped through Maine on his way to Afghanistan. This is our first deployment together, and truly, what you guys are doing for the troops and their families is amazing. Keep up the good work - you are doing wonderful things, touching the hearts of many, many people, and helping us grow the pride within our country, and for our country. Thank you for all you do to honor the soldiers - you are truly inspirational.
Sincerely, Katie Z.

Thank you to the Maine Troop Greeters. It is so comforting to know there are so many who care!

June 2, 2011

I just want to say I came to Bangor after i got a call from my sister that my neice was going to be there before leaving for afghanastan.. When i got there from west Baldwin, I was so excited to know that the people they call troop greeters were so very nice, so very helpful, and all have the biggest hearts that I have ever seen. They really care about these men and women and theire families as well. I think you are all doing a great job. You can see it in the faces of all of the troops. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. I will be there again when she comes home and I am so looking forward to that day.

June 1, 2011

Thank you for doing this, it is wonderfull to know my husband had a friendly face greeting him, and warm wishes on his way.

Thank you for caring. It means a lot to families. It's so nice knowing people like you are out there.

May 31, 2011

Thank you all for all that you do. We couldn't do it with out you! And this goes for the volunteers and those who serve and have served and have sacrificed in ANY WAY! I am truly grateful....

May 30, 2011

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It makes our Boys feel special, and I know all the parents, wives, husbands and children truly appreciate the service you provide. I was able to see my son, and to know that someone was greeting him fills my heart with joy.

Good Evening,
Words will never be enough to express our extreme gratitude to everyone that participated in the Bangor, Maine Troop Welcoming Committee on May 29th when our son's flight arrived. We live in Texas and he was flying through Maine before boarding his flight to Germany and then on to Iraq for his 1 year deployment.
It has been a very hard, but proud transition for our family........I cannot thank you enough!
Thank you so much for your efforts and support!! Lisa and Chad M.

May 29, 2011

I just wanted to THANK YOU for a wonderful job your all doing making our soldiers feel loved and appreciated. My brother-in-law is on his 3rd tour and when I saw the pictures I know his wife and children were happy to see his face once again. You do make a difference to the families of so many soldiers. You are all ANGELS showing compassion to soldiers you have never met. May God Bless you all and our soldiers! Love you all.

I'm so glad the kind folks in Maine do this for the soldiers coming through because we families sure do love seeing you guys!

Thanks for your support of our soldiers! Everytime my husband goes thru that airport, it humbles him that you're always there!!

Thanks for being there for the soldiers you are there when we cant be, and thank you for letting me see my son once more before he leaves the states we are going to miss him very much but very proud of him.

Thanks for you support of our troops!! It really means alot, not only to the soldiers but also to the family!! Bless you!!

What a great service you people do for our soldiers! Our Kids were able to see two pictures of their dad on this site. Thank you and good luck!

May 27, 2011

Good Evening,
My family would like to thank your team for greeting out troops and loving them before their deployment. Your volunteer works not only shows caring on behalf of our nation but also boost up out troop's morale. It's good to see smiley faces of troops...

May 26, 2011

Thank you!! I realize this is not something you HAVE to do but something that is appreciated for us back at home. Thanks to all who have taken time out to thank our soldiers. :)

May 24, 2011

I received a servicemember's letter and this is what she said about Bangor, Maine when flying to Iraq with a stop there. "I was so impressed with the people. They had a huge line of people out to shake everyone's hand and say hello and good luck. I was very touched, it was just great!""

I just had to email you to say thank you for what you do. My husband is a Marine on his way to Afghanistan. We got married less than 2 weeks ago and it was such a joy and surprise when he forwarded me the link to your photos. Thank you so much for the chance to see his face again. I am almost at a loss for words to express appreciation for how you are supporting the troops. It is such a morale boost for him and the others to be greeted by folks like you who provide such great services - food, internet, etc - at a time that could otherwise be a stress and a strain. THANK YOU! Ginny E.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what yall do!! Yesterday was, well let's just say a "bad day" for all of us- and to be able to see a picture of him was amazing!! The smile that it put on our girls faces, to see their Daddy was priceless. We know they all have a job to do, and it's things like this that makes it easier on the families back home to be able to cope a little better. Again, thank you so much!! :)
With great appreciation, The S. Family Tammy, Madison, Victoria and Chelsea

Thank you so much for all you do. Truly angels that walk on earth. It made my daughter and I so happy to see my son-in-law's picture you took yesterday. It meant so much to us and the rest of the family. God bless you. Lisa H.

May 23, 2011

Thank you Greeters for all you do. I can't see the screen for the tears.. Our son came through Maine on his way to Afghanistan. It was such a blessing to be able to see him before he left the States. He is stationed at Fort Lewis and we don't get to see him often. The tears are for all of you and all you do for our troops. May God bless you all.



May 21, 2011

A big thank you to you and the other volunteers who meet and greet the military troops at the Bangor airport on their way to Iraq and Afghanistan. One of the soldiers you met on May 20th is our son, WO3 Christopher E. During the day Chris sent us texts but it was so nice to see a picture of him on his journey to Afghanistan. Previously, Chris served 2 tours of duty in Iraq for the Army.. This will be his first in Afghanistan. Again, thank you and your volunteers for the wonderful greeting you provide to the troops and their families at the Bangor, Maine airport.
Carol E.

May 17, 2011

I would like to say Thank You for all that you do and for being the people that you are. You have given so much joy and happiness to our Country's military member's when others can't. I am so grateful for the love you show and truly appreciate the time you spend. My God bless you all.
Beth McDonald, Marine wife of 16 years and still standing proudly next to her Marine.

May 14, 2011

My son arrived with the USAF troops yesterday afternoon @ Bangor Intl. He told me about your website and I can't tell you how much it means to me to see his picture.
Thank you so much for what you do. He called me from the airport and was really overcome at the welcome. He told me I need to get out to DFW Airport and join up - so I am.
May the Lord bless you all as you bring peace of mind, smiles and tears of joy to parents hearts.
Blessings, Diane B

May 13, 2011

Hello, I am SPC H. We made a trip there on the 7th. I wanted to thank you for what you do. For greeting us and also sharing the pictures with us. It really is a great experience when we to come to be welcome by such wonderful people. And I want to let you know that even though you may not get a lot of thanks, I want you to know that we all are very grateful. It is people like you that make our job as well as our travels a great one!!
SPC Crystal H.

May 10, 2011

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I was so excited to see her--to all troop greeters you are so special to those of us who aren't able to be there--thank you for this. Each and every marine, soldier, sailor and airman you greet is a hero and has a family that is grateful for your kindness! God Bless you and all US Troops!!

May 7, 2011

I would personally like to thank each and everyone of you for the kindness you show to our troops!! I can't tell you how good it felt to see a picture of my husband for the last time until he gets to come home!! We have a ten month old son, Haden, who's face just lit up when he saw the picture of his daddy!!:) It brings tears to my eyes to know there are people our there with such kindness and love in their hearts!! Thank you all again it means so much to the loved ones left behind. May God bless you all!!!

May 5, 2011

What an awesome service you are providing here! As this war continues on, it is so nice to see our soldiers are not forgotten. Thanks for being there for the children, husbands and fathers we miss so much!! God Bless you and these brave soldiers. Thank You, Sandra H., Vancouver, WA

May 4, 2011

To all the volunteers,
I am a mother of an Airman that is going overseas. He landed in Maine on May 2 at 12:20. I want to say thank you so much for what you do!
I haven't seen my son since last November when he last came home on leave. This is his first deployment after being in the Air Force for 2 years now and I know that he is excited as well as nervous but its nice to know that there are genuine people out there that show them all that you care enough to say thank you and go out of your way to do so.
It was great that I could see a picture of him. He looks great and you got him to smile (that doesn't happen often). THANK YOU SO MUCH! As I couldn't see him before he left this was the best thing for me and he had to tell me as soon as possible to go check out your website.
Thank you again for what you do - words alone cannot express my gratitude for what you did for me as well as what you do for them!
Best regards, Donna S.

As a mother of an Air Force Vet and a current serving Marine, I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful service you are providing to our soldiers. You are there with them when their families may not be able to be with them. Being from the area of the home of the Patriot Guard, I am blown away by the ideas and service of others for our troops. May God bless your organization as you are a blessing to our heros. Thank you from a mother's heart. Rosena F.

April 18, 2011

God Bless and thank everyone with the Maine Troop Greeters for your amazing generosity and support for the troops!
My son was one of the Marines that flew thru Maine on his way back to Afghanistan April 16th. During his brief call this morning, notifying us of his safe arrival, he could not stop talking about how nice EVERYONE in Maine was! He was overwhelmed at the generosity and love and support shown by all.
As a Mother, I cannot thank you enough for helping take care of not only my son, but all of the troops! From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU ALL!!!!
Deb G.
p.s. - and seeing that one last picture of my son, and the smile on his face - put the first smile on my face since his final call home saying he was leaving.

April 17, 2011


April 14, 2011

Thank you for letting us see our sons so happy and appreciated. You are true patriots.

April 12, 2011

Thank you so much for showing your support! My husband was one of those Marines and for the brief moment I got to talk to him he was sure to mention how much he appreciated all your smiling faces. It's so wonderful to be able to see him as he journeys across the world and to know he was welcomed with open arms along the way makes this Marine wife one happy camper! Keep doing what you're doing. It means so much!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for what you do! My son just left for his first deployment, and came through your gates on April 9. He was able to call me (OH! I was so surprised and thrilled!), and you even have a couple of pictures of him in your photo gallery for that day. I can't thank you enough for that one last contact before he left, and for the photos. I know your presence comforted him as he headed into the unknown.
Now, for the countdown till he gets home . . . :)
God bless you all, and thank you again from a grateful mom!
Kelly J., Marine Mom
Edmond, OK

To our friends in Maine,
Thank you for giving our marines such a warm welcome! I am the mother of one of them and love being on the receiving end of your hospitality to my son. Your are a blessing to them & to the other families out there! It is nice to know there are other Americans who care for those serving our great country. Keep it up! Blessings to you and yours!

April 11, 2011

I want to personally thank all of the people who stood there and shook hands with all those soldiers. As a veteran and the wife of 2LT L., it makes me feel good to know that others show appreciation for what he and all the other soldiers are doing to make this world a better place. God bless you all and may God continue to bless all of our military our troops!

To all the hand shakers and greeters...Thank you so much..you are all truly great Americans ....Our troops are doing a wonderful job and you are a great support for them. As a mother of one of the soldiers who were greeted by you..His family really appreciates what you do for him and all the other soldiers..God Bless You.

Thank you so much for all you do for our troops and families!
My husband and I are currently located in China, for work, and our son, Joe, recently departed for his first deployment. It is hard to be so far away from family and friends. Communication is not always the easiest to/from China.
You made our day today ... we were able to see a picture of our son on your website as he passed through Maine. I can not explain the happiness you have provided for my husband and me!
We know that Joe was sent on his way to serve by a wonderful group of caring Americans ... how uplifting that must have been for our son and his Marines!
Sending warm hugs!
Caroline and Craig

April 10, 2011

Dear all-
I wanted to extend a sincere thank you for the work of your organization. My 19 year old nephew, Tyler M., was greeted today and is en route to Afghanistan. I had never heard about you before, but am so thankful that you are such caring people to do such wonderful work- Tyler is a tough Marine, but am sure deep down, he has fears he doesn't want his mother to see, but reassures her nevertheless. We love him very much and want him back safe to be able to return again to be greeted in Bangor by your wonderful volunteers. Thank you!
Dean M., Minneapolis, MN

This wonderful greeting and send-off for these troops is absolutely unforgettable for them and families. Our nephew is among this group; his first tour. Our best to all these troops, we thank them for serving our country and thank your team and those vets who were shaking hands. Ladies- your group is awesome.

April 9, 2011

This was soo nice... all the pic that were taken of all the men & women & the families. We the parents can not thank you enough for your open support and genuine love for our servicemen and the help your group gives to the familys who come up to see their love ones. A very special thanks to the greeter whom kept us in touch with info.

April 5, 2011

To all of you fine, fine folks in Maine...a most sincere THANK YOU!!!
On the evening of 3/25/11 your group was at the airport when our son, LCPL Ben P. passed through, on his way to Afghanistan. We had a text conversation with him while he was there, and he made it quite clear how much it meant to him and his fellow Marines to have someone there for them. I'm sure you all know how much THEY appreciate it, but I just had to tell you how much WE appreciate it. Thank you for capturing that smile that we know so well, and will miss so much over the course of the next 7 months. Thank you...everyone involved for your support and dedication to the young men and women who serve. And last...but certainly not least...Many, many Thanks to those wonderful little ladies who were on hand with Girl Scout Cookies!!! God holds a special place for people who bring joy and comfort to others, and I know that your blessings will be many.
With much love and appreciation,
Patricia and Lindsay P. (Mom and Dad) Megan and SGT. Jeff M.

April 4, 2011

My husband stopped through Bangor with the Marine unit from Pendleton on late 31 Mar/1 Apr on the way to Afghanistan. You would probably remember him, he was a quiet man with a Superman haircut (it's been debated that he has the longest regulation hair in the Marine Corps. :) ) I want you to know how grateful I am for what you and your group of volunteers do for our troops, and just wanted to say "THANK YOU!!"
Sincerely, Chantel M T. (wife of Maj. Rene T., USMC)

April 3, 2011

I thank the group for being there, being generous enough with your time and heart felt pics ya'll take. I wish I could of been there for my son, and I am so forever grateful for ya'lls kindness.Thank you And yed I love the pics..God Bless you for all Ya'll do...

March 29, 2011

Thanks for being there for the warm welcome Maine. RIP Brandon Silk, Orono, Maine (KIA 21 June 2010) God Bless!!!!!

March 28, 2011

Thanks for welcoming our guys! Means so much.. Semper-Fi

March 27, 2011

This is really awesome! Thanks for posting the pics and being there to greet our Marines. It's wonderful being able to see another glimpse of my son as he's making his first deployment. Thanks!

Dear Troop Greeters,
Just a note and a heartfelt Thank You for everything that you do for our young men and women, whether it is for their deployment or, as in my case, their coming home. My son returned from Afghanistan on 3-26-2011 and passed thru Bangor, Maine. I have not seen him in a year. He had been deployed for 3 years to Okinawa, Japan, and then came back March 2010 to Camp Pendleton. He was deployed to Afghanistan last August and just returned to the U.S. yesterday. Because of where he was deployed, I was able to receive only 3 phone calls from him and we had very little time on the internet, but I am grateful for what I did receive. I went to your site yesterday just to see if maybe his picture was there. It was and my tears would not stop flowing. We live in Montana and I have not physically seen him since last march. I just cannot thank everyone enough for giving a mom the greatest gift. To see him and his buddies back in the USA alive and looking good was Priceless!!!! I am forever in your debt. A Proud Marine MOM

Thank You for being there for our men when we can't because we are miles apart.


March 26, 2011

As a first timer to the Military I applaud you and your efforts to bring us a little peace knowing our sons,brothers,husbands,nephews and grandsons made it there safely. Thank you! U-Rahh!!!

Thank you soooo much for posting these pictures. This is my sons 1st deployment to Afghanistan and this is one of the hardest things I've ever had to face. Being able to see him in two of these pictures really lifted my spirits! It was so wonderful for all of you to be there to greet our brave young men (and women). May they all return safely to us!!!!!

I am so glad that my husband & I got to be there for my son-in-law and the rest of the troops. It was an awesome experience! The Maine Troop Greeters are the kindest people in the world to both the troops and their families. Our troops are the best & bravest!!! Come home soon and safe.

Can't thank you enough for greeting our troops (and our Marine in particular) during their stop. We found him in 3 pictures. As parents we are so grateful, because we are so worried. Please pass on our deep appreciation.

Thank you so much for the picture of my son! He went through Maine yesterday. I truly appreciate you all taking time out of your day to greet our boys and send pictures of them back home. God bless you all!
Lisa R., Proud Parent of PFC Luis R.

Best to all of you. Hope the old geezers at the Bangor airport were out in full force to say goodbye and God speed. They are a hoot, and surely express the love and gratitude of the people of Maine and the US for your service.

March 25, 2011

My son was recently at BIA on his way to Afghanistan. I can't begin to tell you how much your site meant to me, my husband and my daughter in law. To see the company and especially our son was so great. And so quickly after the phone calls (for which we are also extremely grateful). It is even more meaningful to know that they were greeted warmly, thanked and shown such hospitality from strangers who became family tonight. What you are doing is so amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Annette, Proud mom of Cpl C.
1/5 marines bravo company 1st platoon

I think it great that you all recognize such wonderful hero's..Be safe guys and God Bless you all!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your lives to greet and support our troops. The photos are much appreciated by those of us left at home.

Thank you for all you do! This is my husband; seeing his photo brought the biggest smile to my face. Your support is greatly appreciated and I'm glad to know they were greeted by such kindness. This made my day : ) Again thank you.

Our son has travelled through Bangor a few times, and had his photo taken. What a great comfort to know that they are greeted by friendly faces there, welcomed and thanked on their way to or from deployment. What you all do is GREAT appreciated by this family, and others that may or may not take the time to leave a comment. God bless you all!!

This is the America we love and our guys fight for!!! Thank you SO very much for being there for our troops and posting the photos for those of us left at home. You are true patriots!

Lord we Thank our Troops for the FREEDOM that we have, please keep our men and women safe.


March 21, 2011

My family and I went to the Bangor International Airport on March 8th to meet our brother, Commander Kenneth W. and not only was Ken and the entire flight met with warmth by all of you but so were we.
Thank you for allowing us to join you in the line of greeters - it was an experience none of us will ever forget. Thanking and welcoming home 300 members of the armed service was truly a privilege. It was also an honor to stand with so many retired service members and Veterans who meet every trrop flight. My family and I thank you for all that you have done and still do for this country.



March 20, 2011

Thank you to the Troop Greeters! You are great Americans who truly make a difference in the lives of so many deploying and redeploying troops. It warmed my hearts to see you there at the Bangor Airport both times I have returned from Iraq. Thank you for your dedication and support of the US military. You may never know how much your presence when we get off the plane is appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Click here to read a nice blog from a Marine mom.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. My daughter arrived in Maine on March 19, 2011. Aside from receiving that call and hearing "Mom", and "we're home", the other most amazing thing was hearing that your group would take the time to welcome them. How wonderful that her first impression of "home" was loving support and girl scout cookies. :-) This is one of those loving gestures that will always be remembered. Thank you for the gift of a good memory. God bless you.
A grateful Army Mom

Thank you so much for doing this for our troops. They get so little respect from much of the public and news media. I saw my son's picture. Doesn't surprise me that he has food in his hand...LOL. Keep up the good work.

March 19, 2011

My son is one of the service men you have welcomed as they stepped off the plane in Bangor either coming or going in the service of our country. He was so appreciative that someone would meet their flight in the early hours of the morning and even bring their dogs with them. He is with the Alabama National Guard and will not be coming through Bangor until next December. I appreciate that even though our family will not be there someone will welcome them home in person as they step back on American soil. With all the problems we face as a country, having been fortunate to travel this world, how thankful I am to live in America.
Please thank the members of your group. I know as a Mother of one I speak for the Mothers of many.
Ann A.



March 17, 2011

Thank you SO much for being there to greet our Sailors as they step on US soil!! Love the pics, and I am so impressed and thankful for so many taking time to be a friendly, grateful welcome home! Wish I could join you!

March12, 2011
I had no idea that you all did this! Thank you so much for sending our Marines off this way. Although I came to this site to look for my son, seeing his fellow Marines and the welcome/send off you give them meant everything to this Very Proud Marine Mom!! Thank you again!

March 9, 2011


Letter to Troop Greeters from a Proud Grandma:
Dear troop Greeters,
On March 7,2011 I raced to the Bangor Airport to see my grandson coming back from Afghanistan after he called and said they were stopping in Bangor. Let me tell you the greeting they got made such a grand impression the whole unit bragged about it when they got back to the base in Ft Campbell, Kentucky. My grandson told me that when he came home from Iraq and landed in a different airport his unit was spat at by people at the airport on American soil. I was shocked to think there are still people in this country that ignorant. He had said it made him ashamed to be a soldier and he wanted out of the army.

But here in Bangor, Maine they were treated like the heroes they are and made them feel so good about coming home. He said they totally didn't expect so much appreciation. I assured him that if anyone had showed them disrespect here those old vets and those women would have clobbered them! So hurray for you guys and know your efforts are so appreciated and special. God bless all of you! Please pass this on to anyone and everyone you can.
Edith S. , proud soldier's nana
Neil S., proud soldier's grampa
Tia J., proud soldier's wife

March 8, 2011
Thank you so much for greeting and supporting the troops as they return home! We were so happy to see our son's smiling face!

March 7, 2011

Thank you for greeting my husband and the rest of the troops returning home. It meant a lot to my husband and to me.

This is so awesome of ya'll to do for these guys and their families!! Our future son in law is in this group. Thank you!!!

Dear Great Americans,
On a cold dark night in mid-December, 2010, my unit transited through Bangor International Airport on our way to COB Basra, Iraq. Your group was there to greet us. Seeing your group there with such enthusiasm and interaction really helped to brighten our travel. Your organization is truly a group of dedicated Great Americans.
The unit coin collection that you have displayed is incredible. It is undoubtedly one of, if not the most, impressive and inclusive collection ever assembled. The sheer number of units it represents is amazing. The number of Soldiers whose lives you've touched that your collection represents is even more impressive.
On that December evening my Command Sergeant Major and I did not have access to our battalion coins and were not able to properly present your organization with one at that time. Although it has taken us this long to make it right, we ask that you accept our battalion coin from the 36th Infantry Division Special Troops Battalion, Texas Army National Guard as a small token of our appreciation for your service to our country, our unit, and all the units that pass through Bangor. Your efforts are an enormous boost to the morale of our Soldiers. Maine Troop Greeters is truly a group of some of the Greatest Americans. THANK YOU.
One Team - One Fight
Doug D., Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding

March 6, 2011
Thanks to all the greeters and photographers for the GREAT work you are doing for our service men and women who are serving our great country. You are all our hero's, God bless all of you!

March 5, 2011
Thank you for the support you are giving our Marines!!! My 8 year old daughter said she has never seen anything as nice as strangers shaking the marines hands as they walk by!! Thank you Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

This site is a pleasant surprise! Seeing a picture of my son one last time before he leaves and speaking to him on a strangers cell phone, who was kind enough to allow him to call home, touched me and my family deeply. Thank you for providing all the Moms, wives, sisters,brothers, fathers & children with one last look at our loved ones until we see them again. You have no idea how much this meant to us. We can't thank you enough for your thoughtfullness and concern toward our brave soldiers.

March 4, 2011
Dear Troop Greeters,
My son traveled through Maine last night on his way to Afghanistan. He told me of all the supporters there for all the troops. I wish I could have seen a pic of him but I appreciate how good you made our Marines and Sailors feel. It really makes things just a tiny bit better to hear things like this, it brought tears to my eyes but the good ones. Again thank you for all you do for our Military.
Regards, Doreen S.

March 1, 2011
It was good to be in Maine. It has been awhile since I stop by during my past 3 deployments. Thank you for your support. Hoorah and God bless!

February 26, 2011

As a 5 time recipient of the Bangor welcome comittee I really would like to thank you guys for all you do for our troops. Some friends just passed through at 3am and there you were! Passing you guys truely does signify "I'm home" for a lot of us. So thanks again for all you do

Thanks for all you do there. My brother came through Bangor this evening (Feb. 25)... and it means a lot what you all do for every soldier that comes through.

I just want to thank you all for what you do. The feeling it brings to the family members is a warmth and happiness that is hard to find at times like these. I know our military men and women appreciate it as well. Again my heartfelt thanks!! Paige, USMC wife

God Bless you for all your hard work in providing greeters for them and pics for the families. God Bless our troops and bring them home safe and sound.

Thanks for your great service to our military people. Our military people are wonderful to go over and serve all of us. We all owe them a great debt of gratitude. :)

All of these marines deserve a lot of credit putting their lives on hold to fight for our country. I know some of these men have not been home in a while. Thank you so much for what you do for our soldiers.

The call we got from our son about what you are doing for our soldiers is wonderful, keep up the good work. Thank you for being there for our military men and women.

Thank you for your time in greeting our troops, and allowing us one last glimpse at our loved ones. PROUD OF YOU PETE! GO NAVY!!

My son is in good "Company"! God bless you all for what you are doing (taking these pictures, wishing our warriers well, and continuing the finer traditions that make our country great! I feel renewed, as a father of an American soldier, as a former Naval veteran, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am reminded what incredible people we have!

Thank you for the wonderful thing you do for these Marines it means so much... When I saw my husband it was comfort beyond words. Thank you again

February 24, 2011
You people are simply amazing. There is no way to tell you what it means to the families of these fine young people who are leaving home to see their smiling faces one last time before they go. My son deployed to Iraq two years ago, and it was an incredible comfort to me to see him laughing and smiling with all of you around him as he was leaving. Words simply fail me to explain how much it helped me to see him in that way. Your dedication is so appreciated. I wish there was some way to thank you all in person. What a precious gift you give to a proud Marine Mom by all that you do! Oorah! Jane K.

February 23, 2011

THANK YOU so much, my son means the world me, you have inspired me, and this helps me feel connected to the other warriors he is with.



February 20, 2011

Thank you ALL for your show of gratitude and respect for our troops...XOXOX Jeanette

My husband just passed through Maine just today, February 19, 2011, on his way to Afghanistan. When he called me from Maine, although it was a very short chat, he sounded happy. I'm sure I have you to thank! I've seen & heard about the love & care you give to our troops coming back & going. Wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH! So many of us would love to do that, but it can only be done there really. Thank you again & may God continue to bless you as you do His work to love on our beloved troops. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sincerely & Respectfully, Natalie R., military wife



February 19, 2011

Lt Johnathon K. (MY SON) and Lt B. landed at Bangor Maine Airport; last stop before going overseas. The group at Bangor Maine can not be thanked enough for welcoming our troops. It not only means alot to them but also their families. He was borne at Loring AFB. This is the first time he has been back in Maine since.

February 16, 2011

I just want to thank you all for what you do. It means so much to our soldiers & their families. You are all American heroes too.

I haven't seen my daughter Sara since Christmas. This is just wonderful. Thank you so much for greeting our soldiers and brightening their day.

February 14, 2011

You folks are awesome thank's and God bless you all.

February 13, 2011

Thank you for caring so much about our soldiers, I don't think we can ever do enough for care enough about them. Thank you for the pictures as well, it kills me to not be with him all the time and it makes me so happy to see him, especially right now when he is in a location where we really have no contact but mail.

February 12, 2011

God Bless! Thank you for greeting our troops, especially our special girl!


February 3, 2011

Greetings Bangor Maine!
From the other Great White North of Minnesota! I have to stop to thank you what you have done for me! My son was part of the group of soldiers that became stranded for the past few days due to aircraft difficulties and then of course, the weather! He was delighted to have you greet them at the airport! I thank you from the depths of my heart as well! It is also so heartwarming to have someone put a little love on our troops when we can't be where they are! Thank you so very much!
Tami J.
Mom of SPC Christopher J.,United State Army
Minnesota National Guard



January, 2011

Maine Troop Greeters,
My son Kenny was in Bangor Airport Oct. 9. He is a corpman. He was leaving for Afghanistan, his unit stopped there. He was so excited to call us and tell about the photos your group had taken. He said it was a wonderful gathering. It was so nice to see the photos of everyone smiling. The photos touched my heart and I want to say "Thank You" to all of you for doing such a wonderful act. You make a lot of families smile and enjoy the faces of their loved one that they will not see for a long time.
"Thank You"
God bless you all.
Michelle M.

January 31, 2011

I am so grateful for everything that the "Troop Greeters" do. As a parent it is wonderful to think that someone cares about our sons/daughters and the sacrifices that they are making. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness that you show these troops as they depart for foreign soils and as they returnn to their homes! You are amazing!



January 29, 2011

I just want to say thank you for what you all are doing. My fiance just left this morning from Texas and his units connection flight to Iraq was there in Maine. He called me this morning when they got there and told me about you all and what you guys do. I appreciate your support for my fiance and every other service member. It means alot to me to know there was someone there to support him and everyone else where I couldnt be; if I could've flown to Maine with him and back to Texas I would've. Thank you so much; you are all very special and appreciated.
Camille K., Fiance to Spc. Eric E.


January 28, 2011

Just wanted to send a giant THANK YOU for all the great work you folks are doing up there - my son came through Bangor today on his way back from Qatar with the Air Force. He has now safely reached his home base in Abilene, TX and as a parent who lives a ways away from Maine, it is so comforting to know that there are people there who greet the troops each day, and are willing to give of their own time to do so.
Thanks again - and God bless all of you
-- Carol V. Upstate New York


January 27, 2011

Thanks to the Bangor Troop Greeters. My nephew came thru Bangor on Christmas Eve this past December and although it was late he was surprised to find people who greeted him and a friendly place warm with love and understanding as he headed for Afghanistan as a medic in the Army.


January 25, 2011

Dear Maine Troop Greeters,
Very early in December, 2010, my unit passed through Bangor International Airport on our way to Iraq. Our stop in Bangor was one of many. I want you to know that of my 4 deployments, I have never been so welcomed and made to feel so good ... The Maine Troop Greeters are awesome! Please tell everyone Thanks for the Kindness and Hospitality. I honestly believe every soldier on that stop came back on the aircraft smiling ear to ear. You are a wonderful group and I want to Thank You for all that you do. God bless you all.
Always Ready!
Paul H.

Thanks again for your support...it was a great welcome as we left our families behind at FT Bliss and left on our deployment for a year. Keep up the great work. 1LT H.

Thank you so much for taking the time to greet my son and his unit. It does a mother's heart good to know that there are still those that care enough to want to make sure our heroes are sent off with a smile. If you are ever in Phoenix, let me know, and I will be at the airport to greet you with a warm Arizona smile and hug.



January 17, 2011

Thank you so much for the support!!! My daughter didn't have any idea that she would be welcomed by the greeters!! Though her eyes were only on her family, she was taken aback by the greeting.. Thank you!!

I just want to say, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!! And may God Bless You All!! My nephew went through January 11th: Charles K. And just glad you all do this for them. They do alot for our country. So thanks again for doing what you do.

Thanks so much to all of you there for making our soldiers' stop so pleasant this past weekend while they were on their way to Iraq! All of us here at Fort Bragg appreciate your hard work and dedication!!
Paula M., (LTC M.'s wife)


January 16, 2011

How could anyone is this world not believe in angels with people like you! Thank you for all that you do to support our troops! It was so beyond awesome to see my husband again!!!

Thanks to all of the volunteers for doing this....YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING. And I know these troops (and their families) truly appreciate your kindness.



January 15, 2011

I just wanted to say thank you for what your group is doing. My husband AF MSGT will be arriving in few hours to deploy. We lost our son 21 Mar 2007.
God Bless. Thank you again
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13
Rachel L. Proud Mom
USMC Cpl Dustin J L., K9 Handler, KIA-21 March 2007


January 13, 2011

Hello, my name is sw1 B. in back of photo...just makes me laugh you got a picture of bu1 A. with a plate of food in front of him...haha..appreciate everything you and the organization does for all the troops passing through your lovely airport, and to all the greeters who take time out no matter what time of day or night it is...I recall this was pretty early in the morning...thanks much...Mike


January 12, 2011

Thank you to all of the people who were there at the airport when our children left. I know as a mom it makes me feel better to know they did not leave without knowing someone was there and actually cared about them and to show that we are all proud of them and praying for their safe return. Thank you again for the time you take and the photos to let us feel a little better about our kids. We appreciate them and their service and greatly appreciate what you all do for them.


January 8, 2011

Thank you , for taking the time from your families to show love & respect to ours !! God Bless you all, Thank you just Isn't enough...



January 4, 2011

It did our hearts good to find our son on your website during his stop in Maine. May God bless your efforts to bring some cheer to all who stop there in Bangor before leaving to serve our country.
Thanks again.